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Integration Insights: Achieve Efficiency with Event-Driven Architecture

March 4, 2021 | 2:00 PM


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Every action your business takes continuously produces a series of events that affect employees, customers, and other stakeholders. You need a high degree of coordination and integration as each action touches a different piece of software, process, or system. Event-driven architectures employ events—actions and changes—between applications, using messaging or other high-speed transfers.

On Thursday, March 4 @ 2:00 pm ET, please join your peers, IBM, and strategic partners as we explore how to use event-driven methodologies to connect applications and services. The trick is to make these connections safely, rapidly, and at scale.

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  • "An insightful experience. Useful to see and hear how others are dealing with the same business challenges that we have to handle. IBM insight was good and helps to understand the market"

    Andreas Francois Vermeulen, Head of Analytics, Digital Consultancy Services, Sopra-Steria

  • "The variety of backgrounds of the panellists and attendees made for a really interesting discussion. Time flew by and we could've continued for hours"

    Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI, WPP

  • "The entire event was excellent. Thank-you for hosting"

    Tracey O'Neill, Head of Analytics & Insights, Morgan McKinley

  • "A well-constructed and content-rich virtual alternative to a real conference"

    Neil Taylor, VP, Data Strategy, Mastercard

  • "Great opportunity to learn about emerging technologies and practical implementation strategies"

    Dave Mason, Chief Data Officer, Thales

  • "A great event to be a part of - thanks for including me!"

    Lisa Allen, Head of Data Analytics, Ordnance Survey



Integration Insights: Achieve Efficiency with Event-Driven Architecture
Agenda: Live on Thursday, March 4, 2021


1:55 pm (EST)

Sign in & Welcome
We ask that you log into the secure meeting platform ahead of the 2 pm kick-off to ensure you have a secure connection and are ready to go!


2:00 - 2:20 pm (EST)

Build Real Time Apps
Speaker: Savio Rodrigues, VP IBM Automation Platform Offering Management

Increasing customer engagement by responding to events in real-time is critical for a successful digital business. Digital transformation requires a modern and agile approach to integration that supports a broad range of integration styles. The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration now offers the Confluent Platform as an add-on to bring together market-leading integration capabilities. Discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration supports a broad range of integration styles and use cases.


2:20 - 2:40 pm (EST)

The Resurgence of Event Driven Architecture 
Speaker: Kim Clark, Integration Architect & Strategist, IBM

Event driven architecture originally rose to popularity in the early 2000s, and it was far from new even then. However, topics described at the time such as event sourcing, complex event processing, and related concepts such as domain driven design have risen to the surface again. Cloud native principles, containerization, microservices, and the success of open source projects such as Apache Kafka have brought new relevance to these patterns. It is clear that RESTful APIs are not the only game in town for component interactions, but the interplay between APIs and events is subtle. We’ll explore the most common patterns in use today, their pros and cons, and consider what role events are likely to play in enterprise architecture in the future.


2:45 - 3:15 pm (EST)

At Home with Laura Vanderkam
Join us for an interactive session with special guest, time management specialist and author Laura Vanderkam, as she shares strategies for productivity, creativity, and health.


3:20 - 3:50 pm (EST)

Six Key Benefits of Event-Driven Architecture 
Speaker: David Mooter, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Event-driven architecture (EDA) is growing in popularity. What is it, and what are its benefits to IT organizations? David will explain what EDA is and walk through six key benefits EDA provides.


3:55 - 4:25 pm (EST)

Event Management in IBM cloud Pak for Integration
Speaker: Alan Chatt, Offering Manager, IBM

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides all your integration needs. This includes a comprehensive set of capabilities to asynchronously couple your applications for efficiency and scale. This session will give you a technical understanding of the technologies available and what's best for your different application needs, and provide the latest on Apache Kafka with the event streaming and management capabilities within IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.


4:30 - 5:00 pm (EST)

Meet the Speakers 




Will I be pitched a product or a service?

In a word, no! That is not the purpose of our Virtual Events. The event may be hosted by global technology specialists, however, they are carefully selected to partner to ensure conversations are industry-leading and that participants are not being subjected to a 2-hour pitch. 

Is it closed-door?

This virtual event is a closed-door event, allowing senior executives to remain open when discussing their business challenges.

What do I need to be able to join a Virtual Event?

You will need to have access to a good internet connection, a webcam and a good quality audio system. We recommend the use of a headset to allow good quality sound and mic. We also recommend that you participate in a quiet environment to allow for limited background noise.

Ahead of the event itself, you will have the chance to demo the platform with our Producer so you can see what it's like and work through and technical questions you may have. 

Who else will be there?

All our events are designed for a senior executive audience so you will be joined by senior peers.

Will we be able to ask questions during the session?

Absolutely! We love it when our participants take the reins and ask their own questions within the event. You are welcome to submit them ahead of time or feel free to raise them during the event!

Can we provide feedback to help drive improvements for future sessions?

YES! We love receiving feedback on all our events and always send out a feedback survey post-event which we invite all participants to complete.

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